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Ayyanar Call Taxi in Erode

Ayyanar Call Taxi is a leading provider of call taxi & acting drivers in Erode, Tamilnadu. With a strong focus on customer service, safety, and comfort, Ayyanar Call Taxi has become the preferred choice for many Erode residents and visitors.

Ayyanar Call Taxi was started in 2010 by Krishnamoorthi. Krishnamoorthi saw an opportunity to provide a better taxi service in Erode and started Ayyanar Call Taxi with just two cars. Today, Ayyanar Call Taxi has a fleet of over 10+ Vehicles and is one of the most popular Call taxis in Erode.

Acting Drivers in Erode

Why Choose Ayyanar Call Taxi in Erode?

No Hidden Charges - in Ayyanar Call Taxi

No Hidden Charges

We are a popular Call taxi in Erode. We are known for our honesty and for not charging hidden fees.
Lowest Fare / Best Prices - Ayyanar Call Taxi

Lowest Fare / Best Prices

We are a leading call taxi provider in erode. We offer the lowest fares and best prices in town

Acting Drivers in Erode

Well Trained Drivers

If you’re looking for a safe and reliable call taxi service in erode, look no further than our team of well trained drivers.

Outstation Rides - Ayyanar Call Taxi Erode

Outstation Rides

Ayyanar Call Taxi offers outstation rides from erode at a fraction of the cost of other taxi services, making it the perfect option for budget-minded travelers.
Tour Packages in Ayyanar Call Taxi Erode

Tour Packages

If you’re looking for a reliable call taxi service in erode, look no further than Ayyanar Call Taxi. We offer a variety of tour packages in erode.

24 X 7 Service - Ayyanar Call Taxi Erode

24 X 7 Service

You can call a taxi 24×7 to come and pick you up. No matter what time of day or night it is, there is always an Ayyanar call taxi available in erode.

Ayyanar Call Taxi Services in Erode

Acting Drivers-Call Taxi in Erode

Acting Drivers

Call Taxi in Erode-Airport Pickup-Drop

Airport Pickup/ Drop

Call Taxi in Erode-Surprise Tours

Surprise Tours

Call Taxi in Erode-Luxury Taxi Service

Luxury Taxi Service

Call Taxi in Erode-Home Pick Up

Home Pick Up

Call Taxi in Erode-Tour Package Trips

Tour Package Trips

Available Cars

Mahindra Xylo Call Taxi In Erode


Sedan - Available cars


SUV-Call Taxi in Erode


Traveller Call Taxi In Erode



Hi all booked car from Ayyanar Call Taxi for 3-days outstation trip to a long distance 3-day temple visit.. a driver is a good person and the driving is also good... they provide a water bottle as a complement and full car inside sanitized it's very safe.. definitely I will travel again and refer to others thanks..Very good guys Ayyanar Call Taxi in Erode, good chaffed, smooth car,good behavior. Keep it up.

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Ayyanar Call Taxi provided good taxi services even in lockdown situations. Sent responsible kind driver. The person attending calls even at midnight. The rate was also competitive. Very good taxi service in Erode.

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We didn’t get any taxi service all over Erode during the bus strike. We contact Ayyanar Call Taxi even though their taxis are busy they arranged another taxi service with help of their taxi service we reached our destinations safely at right time.

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I took one cab from Ayyanar Call Taxi. The car was very brand new and the driver is very good and they gave complement to every customer it's very surprising. Thanks, I will refer to my friends keep it up.

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Ayyanar Call Taxi is Very professional. Charges are comparatively low with other taxi services. The driver was very calm and composed. On-time picks up. Overall very good service.

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Mohammed Ashick


What is the cab rate for taxi services in Erode?

For cab fare in Erode, visit

Is Ola available in Erode?

Ola is currently Not available in Erode.

What are the services offered by Call Taxi in Erode?

Ayyanar Call Taxi provides,

  • Acting Drivers
  • Airport Pickup/ Drop
  • Outstation Drop Taxi
  • Tour Package Trips
  • Round Trip
  • Regular Trip

How do I book a Call Taxi in Erode?

You can book Call Taxi by calling 8667838272